Taylor Henry

Not everyone is fortunate to purse higher education after they have completed high school. I am blessed to have the support of my family in facilitating, encouraging and motivating me to further my education and studies at Junior College. Furthermore, it is also a blessing to have organizations such as the Omar S. Ortiz Scholarship Foundation, who recognizes the need to assist and invest in our young people who may need the financial assistance to continue their education. Organizations such as these help us to get a step closer in recognizing our dreams and aspirations and to become a productive member of our society who will contribute to the growth and development of our country.

I strongly believe that I deserve this scholarship because I am a hard worker and I am dedicated to my studies. During my four years of high school, I maintained being on the honour roll list and that is one way of demonstrating how dedicated I am to my studies. I am prepared to dedicate the time and energy needed for my studies and to put my very best foot forward for the next two years of my educational journey. This is my way of making this foundation proud to invest their resources in my education. School life is not solely about completing my studies and obtaining my degree, but it is also about the relationships with others that have been created during the time of going to school. The life-long friendships and bonds among ourselves that we will create and the memories that we will have to cherish will add to our college experience. Receiving this scholarship will help to facilitate all these as I will be given the financial opportunity to enroll in school without the need to worry about the payment of my tuition each semester.

This scholarship will be a big help in accomplishing my long-term goals. It will help me in the first step of achieving my goals by assisting me in receiving my Associate Degree. The components of this Business Program, especially the final project in the program being the Taylor Henry market expo, will demonstrate all that we have learned and our skills to flourish in the job market in pursuing a career in the Business field. This will prove to ourselves and our teachers, the level of readiness and preparedness of being able to get a start at a job opportunity or further my education to University and add to my cadre of knowledge and skills. This scholarship will contribute to my future goals of becoming a Custom Officer Official or an Entrepreneur, in that it will allow me the opportunity to receive a college education and be qualified to enter this line of work. I will have the academic qualifications needed in the work force in order to apply and advance myself in any of these two work related fields. This academic qualification will also be my stepping-stone to further my studies to University and be better qualified in the job market.

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